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4 Android Apps No One Should Be Using Anymore In 2020, According To Experts

Here are the names of 4 Android apps that no one should be using in 2020 anymore. Without any further ado these apps are:

Google Duo

Google Duo is a video chat mobile app developed by Google, available on the Android and iOS operating systems.Duo is based on phone numbers, allowing users to call someone from their ontact list. The app automatically switches between Wi-Fi and cellular networks.The app has over 1 billion downloads, but it has no much more usage. Google Duo doesn’t even come in the top eight. In 2018, according to Medium Google Duo was not in the top 10 list of popular messaging applications. The app comes pre-installed (which is the reason for its 1 billion download mark on Google Play), but it has no use at all.

Avast Mobile Security Antivirus App Antivirus apps are harmful to your phone per se, they are unnecessary nowadays. Most phones come with strong protection against viruses, which makes additional apps excess and they usually need a lot of memory and may slow down your phone.They very heavy when scanning, their module cannot prevent hacker, their cloud very bad (their cloud cannot detect ransomware files), they don't have advance cleaning for your infected files, a lot of ads, bad for detect adware, rootkit, bot and local virus (virus made by local hacker), very slow to detect .

Facebook Based on an article byTechjury, people spend an average of 2 hours and 24 minutes on Facebook. Facebook can be a serious threat to the productiveness of both students and employees.The large user base and ease with which content is shared on Facebook makes the site an easy target for malware, despite efforts by Facebook to prevent malware and virus infections.Facebook enables you to share a lot of personal information about yourself, which in some cases can lead to identity theft.

Twitter According to Dr. Amit Kumar Singh, a lecturer and scientist in Computer Science at the University of Essex, UK, mentions, twitter and facebook consumes more amount of battery. Twitter limits user to tweet to only 140 characters. Twitter does not limit the number of followers that can follow you; however, accounts that have more than 2,000 followers are usually monitored for unlawful behavior. Spamming is one of the disadvantages of Twitter.

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