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6 Best Firewall Plugins for WordPress-2020

If you are afraid from the hackers to break into your website?

Now you don't worry about them

There are new sevral tools that offers the ultimate web security for your website.

So here is the list of tools which are the most all time famous for

These plugins are all time

If you don't know what is WordPress firewall Click here.

By using the firewall protection, you can ensure that only good traffic,that is traffic without any malicious intent can access your your website.

How Does the Firewall Work ?

The Firewall is the wall of security. to understand this we can imagine that the watchman is seat at gate in front of your office work and checks the incoming persons ID and if it correct then it gives the approval to them to pass inside the office.

This is how firewall also works it checks the IP addresses of the incoming request from the devices and then check them against its list to see if it has malicious history.( The IP list is update daily by company )

If the IP matches then request is blocked.

By their certain rules of the protocol and the incoming request and network request it also blocks the user request.

If the IP are not matched then Firewall checks their protocol if the protocol is not secure then also Firewall block the user request.

Top WordPress Firewall Plugins

1) Sucuri:

The sucuri is the cloud-based firewall . It means you have to configure it properly. It also famous for its security protection against the Ddos attack.

When you enable Sucuri, all your site traffic goes through their cloud proxy firewall before coming to your hosting server. This allows them to block all the attacks and only send you legitimate visitors. The biggest benefit of Sucuri that it makes your website secure.


  • Instantly Block Hackers

  • Protects Against DDoS Attack

  • Protects Site Against All Known-Attacks (like SQL injection, etc)

  • Mitigates New Threats

It also Provides the Ddos Protection and also offers SSl certificate to the website

2) MalCare Security & Firewall Plugin:

The MalCare uses the patter detection technology. By pattern detecting of protocols and matching of IP addresses it blocks the request.


  • Analyses Every Single Visitor

  • Records Details of Traffic Requests

  • Detects New Types of Malicious Traffic

  • Allows Whitelisting Blocked Traffic

Automatically Blocks Bad Bots & Malicious Traffic

It is the plugin based security. and it is has the automatic function and also can enable the white listing traffic.

3) Shield Security:

This is also works on plugin-based. It check incoming IP addresses and compare them with list of malicious IP addresses.


  • Customizable Firewall Block Response

  • Whitelist IPs, Pages, Parameters, & Users to By-Pass Firewall

  • Configurable Firewall Rules

It gives the email report of the security.

4) BulletProof Security :

It is very update security plugin. Even if the IP doesn't have the malicious history but by their behaviour of the request and it blocks the request and save the website.


  • Automated Whitelisting & IP Address Updating in Real-time

  • Protects WordPress Plugin Files & Folders

  • Protects Site Against All Known-Attacks (like SQL injection, etc)

It blocks the request of IP addresses who's not has the malicious history by identifying the behaviour of the request.

It gives the email report of the activities.

5) CloudFlare :

It is most famous service for the security. it is not a plugin. It is the cloud based service.

The cloudflare services it has the best firewall protection. By matching the IP addresses and also the recognising the request it blocks the request.

It offers the best Ddos protection.

You can check your all reports in your accounts.


  • Protects Against DDoS and Brute-Force Attack

  • Different Security Levels

  • Apply Custom Criterias to Block or Allow Requests

6 ) Ninja Firewall (WP) :

The Ninja Firewall provides only the firewall protection. It is the plugin based security. By only the matching the malicious IP addresses it block the request.


  • Blocks Direct Request to WordPress Folders (like wp-admin, wp-config, etc)

  • Import NinjaFirewall Configuration

  • Detects and Blocks Malicious Traffic.

We can directly this plugin from the WP plugin store.

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