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Create Your Own Disposable Email Address with Gmail

A temporary mail addresses are very useful when you don't want to share your real email address with a website. The source code generated by Labnol.

How temporary mail addresses work-

By just mask your original mail address with temporary mail address. There are plenty of the temporary mail services on the web which are they work like this.first they take original email id and just cover it by temporary mail id. Here are the some examples of this kind of services.

MailDrop, Mailinator, Spamgourmet and so many...

To manually create the disposable mail address we have to do some work. First we need to generate a temporary address , paste it into the web form and then manually check the disposable inbox for any new email. And if you require another temporary address the next day, the whole exercise has to be repeated.

How to create Disposable Email Addresses with Gmail

To create Disposable Email Address you'll have just one temporary email address to remember and every time your share that email on the internet, you attach an expiry date. Any email messages sent to your disposable Gmail account after the expiry date are discarded automatically else they are forwarded to your main account.

Let’s say your temporary email address is rutvikhajare@gmail.com. A website form requires your email address so you can put rutvikhajare+mmdd@gmail.com in the sign-up field where mmdd is the month and date till when that disposable email will stay valid.

For instance, if you specify the email address as rutvikhajare+0623@gmail.com - that alias will be valid until June 23 and any emails sent to that alias after that date are ignored else they are forwarded to your main Gmail address. You can only specify the year in your temporary email rutvikhajare+12312020@gmail.com in mmddyyyy format.

Make your own Temporary Email System with Gmail

Follow these steps to set up your own disposable email system in 2 minutes. Internally, it uses the Gmail plus trick and some Google Apps Script magic.

1. Create a new Gmail address.

2. While you are logged into your new Gmail account, click here to make a copy of the Google Script in your account.

3. Inside the Google Script, go to line #13 and replace my email with the email address where you would like the temporary emails to be forwarded.

4. Next, go to the Run menu, choose Run Function and select Initialize. Authorize the Google script and your disposable email system is up and running.

The script will check your Gmail inbox every five minutes and process messages based on the expiry date in the message To field. You just have to set it once and forget about it.

Your disposable address will last forever and yet it will protect your main inbox from spam. That’s it!

The script is written by amit aggrwal the author of labnol.org.

click here for the source code.

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