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How to Install MySQL in Ubuntu Linux

Outcome: This tutorial teaches you to Install MySQL inn Ubuntu based Linux Distro. You'll also learn how to verify your installation and how to connect to MySQL.

MySQL is the ultimate database management system. It is used in almost every stacks. MySQL is an open source database management system.

MySQL uses tabular data , also known as relational database. It means all the data is stored in the tabular form to access data easily and organise. For managing the data SQL ( structured query language ) is used.

Installing MySQL :

There are two methods

1) Install from Ubuntu repositories

first make sure your all repositories are updated, run below command

sudo apt update   or use
sudo apt-get update

Now install MySQL

sudo apt install mysql-server -y

2) Installing MySQL using the official repository

Go to this link and download the DEB package

Now it's time the sending the request. Open the terminal and type following command to download the package:

curl -OL https://dev.mysql.com/get/mysql-apt-config_0.8.12-1_al.deb

Now to start installation use dpkg command

sudo dpkg -i mysql -apt-config*

Now you will see the package configuration in your terminal

Now go to ok and press ENTER

Now enter password for it and again press ok.

Now you have successfully installed MySQL


run below command :

sudo systemctl status mysql.service

You'll see the Active status in the terminal

To start the service use following command :

sudo systemctl start mysql.service

How to run the Queries in MySQL

To run the queries you need to the first connect to the server using MySQL.

so to do that run the following command

mysql -h host_name -u user -p

you can directly enter your password , to skip the entering password step.

by using following command:

mysql -u test_user -p9876

where 9876 is password.

Now you are in the MySQL database management system.

To disconnect from the server and leave the prompt,type:


If you need any kind of help about the MySQL type

mysql --help

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