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Learn Shell Scripting for Free with These Top Resources

A Shell in Command-line interpreter that lets you type in commands to get an output.

There are plenty types of shell available for example famous shell is Bash shell used by almost every Linux distro out there.

When talk about shell scripting, that means — a user wants to execute multiple commands to get an output using a script.Knowing shell scripting also helps you automate certain repeated tasks in Linux.

Here is Top Free Resources to Learn Shell scripting

1. Bash Academy :

I think the website names states everything here. Bash Academy is can be main free resource to the users about bash shell.

Bash Academy is used by both type of beginners and experienced users.

It also offers interactive game for users to practice the shell scripting.

2. Bash Scripting LinkedIn Learning ( free video courses ) :

As you know LinkedIn offers number of job to their users. Now it also provides the number of free courses to their users to learn the new things.

Here is one of the best bash scripting source for you.

3. Learn Shell [ web portal ] :

If you wanted to learn and want to do practising online with it then here's best thing for you.

learn shell scripting is web portal that offers shell scripting knowledge and also online practise along with it.

4. Shell Scripting – Udemy :

There is Free course on Udemy. The free course covers all your basics. It for beginners who wanted first understand basics of the shell scripting.

There are plenty of courses available but it is one of the best one. And it is in the recommended courses list.

5 . Tutorials-point :

Tutorials point is quite famous web portal who offers many courses. And all courses are most useful for their users.

Also they offers the Free shell scripting course to their user. So the user can take advantage of this course to increase their knowledge.

Tutorials point also offers practise questions to their users along with the subject material ( pdf, videos, etc.)

This is might be not a best course but can be one of the free and good one.

To access the course Click here.

6. Shell Scripting Tutorial [Web portal] :

This web portal is gives the readable documents to their users.

All the resources are in pdf doc or in readable formats.

Of course, paying for the paperback edition or the e-book is optional. But, the resource should come in handy for free.

7. Bash shell scripting - Udemy :

Here is another shell scripting free course for you. This course is specially designed to bash shell scripting.

Udemy free courses doesn't offer any kind certification but it is good for knowledge.

The users who want just want to learn this skill for their own development can take advantage of this course.

Click here to access the course.

8. Bash Notes for Professionals [Free PDF book] :

Get the free pdf and docx to learn shell scripting. This free downloadable book runs over 100 pages and covers a wide variety of scripting topics with the help of brief description and quick examples.

Click here to get these resources.

9. Advanced Bash Scripting Guide [Free PDF book] :

Here is another PDF or docx formated resource for you.

In this you can get an impressive advanced bash scripting guide.

It also suitable for the beginners. The advance techniques are too good.

Click here to download the PDF

10. Notes From the San Francisco City College :

The online notes form the San Francisco city college are good to learn the shell scripting. This can't be the good resource but it is kind of free resource which is good comparatively the paid courses.

Click here access the notes.

source from it'sfoss.

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