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Reliance Jio Meet App Key Features & download APK file

Updated: May 5, 2020

Jio Meet nation-wide video calling service to launch soon
Jio Meet will be available on Android, iOS, macOS, Microsoft Windows and on browsers as well
Jio Meet to integrate health and education services

Reliance Jio has revealed that it's soon going to announce the Jio Meet. it's nation-wide video calling platform that is set to take on the likes of Zoom and Google Meet.

By successfully getting investment from the Facebook of $5.7 billion and also partnering with whatsapp Reliance get in higher in the business.

On this success Jio decided to jump into the cloud services.

In the recent media conference the Pankaj Pawar (senior VP at reliance jio infocomm) said "Jio meet is a platform which has many unique options-it actually has an ability to work on any device,any operating system, and it has an capability to do a complete collaboration. And effectively this collaboration does not limit to a typical video conferencing app."

Due to Covid-19 crisis, video calling has become a necessary tool for businesses and education to function.

Jio meet is trying to offer more services than Zoom so that anyone can use it for the daily in their works. Jio has recently listed this app in the google play store but has been taken down. likely in the heads up to the official launch.Nevertheless, here's your,first look at jio meet video calling app by Reliance and Key features.

Jio Meet Video Calling App Feature

The Look of the Jio meet app :

Users can initiate conferencing with thier frinds,family or even for work calls.The limit of persons in a single call can be more than 200. as the shown in the screenshot in google play store.

Jio’s eHealth platform:

In this app user will get the jio's eHealth platform with video conferencing feature. This function allow user to consult with doctors online form home,offices ! doctors can prescribe medicines,users can order medicines.

Jio's eEducation platform:

Creating and running virtual digital classrooms for teachers and student and for staff also, users can record also the conference and notes, teachers can assign homework with a due date to the students through the app, student can also submit their homework in the app by adding private comments, so that no can copy it.

Simple Interface:

Jio Keep the simple interface to getting less payloads and to be clear video call. this is the plus point of the Jio meet app.

High Quality video and Voice:

Jio Meet app is trying to give the high quality video and voice also in to their conference calling, so that user can't be get stressed. For that jio will keep the simple interface and less payloads.

Adaptive streaming:

The screen sharing is the main key of any conferencing app. The adaptive streaming is will be clear in the jio meet app.

Conference History:

In the jio meet app user can keep the history of the taken meeting and attend meeting. so that user don't need to store the list of meeting anywhere user will get this his account.

Host control:

This feature is for who arrange and manage the meeting, so user can control the viewers,user can remove or request anyone to join their meeting, Can keep meeting the private by applying password and ID.

So that any outsider can't be interfere with his meeting.

Group calls,chat & Audio/Video mode :

In JIo meet app users will get the audio and video mode separately. This mode could be used for the friends by family in their chats and calls In the meeting .

Rich Communication services (RCS):

It includes Rich Communication Services, like

Users can send and receive messages.
Users can share screen and display images.
Can store the images to their local storage.
Users can share their location through contacts.
It provides screen sharing services, so we can show anything to another party by sharing our screen, this will be helpful while delivering presentations, organizing meetings.
Users can share file over the application

How to Download Jio Meet APK ?

1) Download the XAPK manager ( to install and run the APK file).

2) Download the Jio meet apk file.

3) Open the XAPK manager & install the jio meet apk.

4) sign up for the application, you can sign-up into the app by two methods:

* sign-up using email ID

* sign-up using OTP

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